SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management

SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management​

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SERM is ...
SERM is an abbreviation of 4 English words: Search Engine Reputation Management, which means "reputation management in search engines". Simply put, this term means a series of measures that are aimed at creating a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential customers. Here you can include both direct work on this image, and the processing of the negative already available in the network. And today the second understanding of the term has special significance. Specialists engaged in SERM, it is difficult work - to displace from the leading positions in the issuance of all the company's denigration.

What is SERM
SERM (SERM) is a relatively new concept for the Russian online advertising market. Nevertheless, this service is gaining popularity, as it is about the brand image. And the reputation of the company is a fragile enough thing. Ideal in offline, it can be easily "trampled" on the Internet by ill-wishers and competitors. But after all, most consumers make inquiries in the network before making a purchase, trusting the opinion of strangers. Several "black marks", and now the reputation is buried under tons of unreliable information, there is a lot of negativity on the Internet, and customers bypass the company side. What to do and how will SERM help?

Stages of work
So, what is SERM, we figured out. But just so to displace all the negative from the network does not work. To do this, the specialist must carry out a number of works.

  1. Analysis of existing content
    This includes monitoring the top-delivery of search engines at the request of the company with the identification of negative feedback and posts (both real and untrue)
  1. Strategy Development
    It is necessary to pick up all available reliable information about the company, which I would like to convey to users who will be useful to them and which will support a positive image. Next, you need to find popular thematic sites for posting articles, posts, media content, responses to reviews, and determine the list of requests for promotion
  1. Implementation of the strategy
    At this stage, optimized for search engines are formed news, image articles, press releases, responses to reviews, and more. The most important thing here is the timeliness and relevance of processing the negative. It is important for users to see the company's interest in continuous improvement, readiness to listen to criticism, to engage in constructive dialogue and to offer ideas

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