Digital professions are gaining and gaining popularity. Helpful marketers of educational (and not so) schools helpfully shout at every corner that finding a dream job in the digital environment is easy and simple even for yesterday's milling machine.

Of course, things are different; and it's not as fun and rosy as we would like. Five or seven years ago it was cool to become a developer, and then - a copywriter, designer, photographer. Today everyone wants to become an unknown SMM-specialist, move creatives to the masses, effectively include advertising and swim in gold.

Well, the desire is simple, understandable, fully consistent with a human being. Do little, take a lot and, preferably, enjoy life. All I can promise you is a golden coffin if you are truly willing to put the maximum of your resources into work and training. But let's get to the heart of the matter.

Why is SMM not fun?
In the open spaces of telegram, some well-known marketer said that a real SMM-specialist should have all possible skills (and neurosis), replace a designer, photographer, targetologist and copywriter, as well as a sales manager and a lawyer.

That is, to be the multi-armed Shiva of the 21st century. This is pretentious, but partly true - the digital world is constantly changing, expanding, and you don't always know what problem you will face in an hour. The office was blocked, money was stolen, advertising violated the current legislation, someone else's photo was taken on the creative, taken not from stocks, but the customer insistently demands that the check be halved, because he himself agreed on the wrong amount. This is not a joke to you, but an ordinary environment (habitat), and you either love it all or cry in the corner.

Do you know that difficult clients are not a scourge for freelancers, but a common thing? And no amount of stress resistance will help you here. You need to be empathetic and codependent in order to satisfy the client's whims and do your job well at the same time. Every day every week every month every year.

Career growth
It is also not entirely clear what will happen to a career. Everything changes and expands, and you also expand (if the income allows you to grow in breadth) or dry up (if the SMM mil is not good enough). There is horizontal growth, and there is vertical growth.

Growing horizontally is how everyone dreams, from a copywriter to become a real pro, who "from" and "to" will create a cool publication that will attract from 100 to 1,000,000% of interested users and sell a product / service / other.

In order to create all this, there is so much to learn about motives, target audience, business needs and pains, KPIs and budget !. ... Then draw up a commercial proposal, then - a content plan, and then (when and if you're lucky) create all this beauty with your own hands or find adequate performers. Doesn't sound so funny, does it? Especially when it is repeated from day to day according to the same pattern, and the tenders all pass and pass you by.

Vertical growth is, as everyone dreams, from a copywriter to become a real pro, then project management (moving to the first floor so that after leaving the window you can safely return to work) and, finally, open your own agency. No not like this; Agency! Only SMM and management are two almost parallel lines that can only be broken, crossing, and simultaneously investing all their resources in this growth.

In a general sense - everything is like everywhere else; learn, learn, relearn and start over. And all this digital romance of yours is an artificial embryo helping to make money in the “profession of the future” or “the most demanded profession of 2021”.

Found in the vastness of the web
In fact
Any water has a shore, so we sailed to it. Don't romanticize remote professions, the digital environment, and the digital world in general. Whether you are going to become a surgeon, a milling machine operator or an SMM-specialist, you will have to learn a lot, adapt and perform the same routine tasks day after day. Of course, a surgeon cannot be compared with a creator, but does anyone still believe in interesting projects and high incomes without an extensive knowledge base?