There are many programs and applications on the market that can solve a wide range of tasks for working with Instagram - from targeted search for potential subscribers to getting more opportunities for engagement and statistics collection. We have collected the top ten services for maintaining and promoting an Instagram account.

Deferred Posting: Combin Scheduler
The app for creating deferred posts on Instagram, completely free and no hidden fees. Combin Scheduler allows you to create Instagram posts and stories and schedule them to automatically publish at a specified time. The service is suitable for both regular Instagram users and marketers with up to 15 accounts at a time.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Deferred Posting: Combin Scheduler

The built-in calendar is a feed of scheduled posts for different periods of time. In the calendar, you can easily see how deferred posts would look on Instagram - their position and publication date can be changed with a simple drag and drop.

The ability to create post templates solves the problem with similar duplicate posts (about promotions, discounts and contests). The user can reserve the right to the first comment under each of the planned posts, add additional information there or hide the hashtag cloud.

Together with the publication of a post or story, Combin Scheduler allows you to schedule and update the link in the profile header at the same time. Reposts can also be scheduled for the future, just paste the link to the post and set the appropriate time - the original description and photo will be copied automatically.

Bulk Media Download: 4K Stogram
Application for saving images and videos from accounts, hashtags and locations on Instagram. 4K Stogram can be used as an ad-free Instagram feed viewer, as an anonymous storytelling app, or simply as a downloader for any Instagram content.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020 Mass Media Download: 4K Stogram

Inside the service, the user creates subscriptions to download posts from certain Instagram profiles, locations or hashtags. After creating such a 4K subscription, Stogram not only downloads all existing publications, but subsequently checks for new content.

Photos and videos are downloaded from Instagram in their original resolution and high quality. Subscriptions to publications are saved in the metadata of downloaded files, which allows you to make high-quality reposts of user-generated content from Instagram and fully archive interesting publications. It is possible to download stories, current posts (highlights), photos and videos - the download is performed as one, several or all categories at once.

An authorized 4K Stogram user can literally back up the content of an entire account (his or any other public profile) in just two clicks, download posts and stories of all Instagram subscriptions, subscribe to download his collections of saved posts to Instagram, and also download publications from private profiles friends.

Photo Editing: Canva and Facetune
Publishing services help bloggers and business owners maintain a consistent brand style and aesthetic on their own.

With Canva, you can edit photos, create infographics, and design labels and covers. The service allows a user of any level to easily create beautiful images for designing profiles on Instagram and other social networks.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Photo Editing - Canva

To create a set of icons for pinned Instagram stories, create a banner for a current event or simulate an infographic, all you need to do is choose a template, design elements, add a background and text. The free library of ready-made layouts has over eight thousand templates on various topics.

Canva is suitable for both small business owners to save money on designer services and for teamwork of a number of specialists on projects of large companies.

Facetune is a popular photo editor available on iOS and Android platforms. The application provides a universal set of tools for image processing (color correction, filters, effects). However, Facetune became more widely known as "mobile Photoshop", thanks to the many functions for retouching images.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Photo Editing - Facetune

The service is especially well suited for working with portrait photos. Having selected an image for editing, the user can smooth the texture and even out the skin tone of the model, correct the figure, whiten teeth, change the color of the eyes and hair, add makeup, and emphasize the desired features or objects. These features will allow you to improve photos from advertising photos.

for a brand and perfect selfie for a personal Instagram account.

Customization of models in the photo: Rosebud AI
Online store owners, advertisers and creatives will appreciate Rosebud's disruptive approach to media creation. The company believes that in the future, all images and videos will be created at the speed of thought, thanks to artificial intelligence and generative techniques. You can accelerate the visual storytelling of your brand right now with Rosebud AI, a photo customization service.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Customizing models in the photo - Rosebud AI

Rosebud AI offers a selection from an extensive catalog of neural network-generated photographs of people and a suite of image editing tools. User can also upload their own photos. Facial features and expressions, hair color, age are all customizable in the Rosebud AI interface, much like in the Sims character editor.

The service helps to significantly save on photo shoots and photo stocks, as well as avoid using images of the same stock models as competitors. In addition, unique photos created with Rosebud AI can be posted not only on Instagram and other social networks, but also on a website or in an advertising campaign.

Search hashtags: Display Purposes
Display Purposes is a free hashtag search engine that helps you find the best keywords for your Instagram posts.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Search hashtags - Display Purposes

It is enough to enter one or several hashtags related to the image that you are going to publish, and the service will select 30 relevant hashtags. Display Purposes displays trending keywords in trending niche and filters out banned and spam hashtags. It remains only to select the most suitable tags from the proposed list (manually or in automatic mode).

In addition to determining the overall popularity of certain hashtags, the service allows you to find out which tags are used more often than others in a particular country, city or even region. To do this, open the Map tab and zoom in on the map in the area of ​​interest.

In the Graph tab, the user can get a combination of related tags with any given word. Each hashtag from the list offered by the service is clickable. Clicking on it brings up a new list of relevant tags. These capabilities will help create new combinations of synonymous hashtags.

Tracking Comments: Chotam
The Chotam platform allows you to monitor audience activity on Instagram and other social networks.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Comment Tracking - Chotam

The system keeps track of comments, separates them into primary and secondary ones according to the priority of the response, identifies and filters out “empty” messages that contain only emoji or interjection. The user receives notifications of new comments by mail or Telegram.

Chotam sends activity notifications not only from Instagram, but also from Facebook, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. You can track several accounts at once - for example, track competitors.

The service will help owners and managers of popular accounts and communities with high activity. Dozens of unnecessary events will be filtered out by the system automatically, while not a single question or negative comment will be left unattended.

Creating multi-links: TapLink
Only one clickable link can be placed in the Instagram profile header. To enable commercial accounts to add more channels for communication and information about services, TapLink comes in handy - a tool for combining many links to various sites and projects into one multi-link.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Create multi-links - TapLink

The content of the page to which the multi-link leads depends individually on each user. This can be a microlending page with a brand portfolio, a page with links to other projects, or a business card that combines links to instant messengers, brand accounts on social networks, and other contact information.

TapLink allows you not only to create a multi-link and design a business card, but also to place a carousel of pictures, make a form for accepting payments and even create a real online store - all this from one link. The user can track statistics of views and clicks, customize the page design (avatar, background, blocks, color scheme), add images, videos, products, the ability to accept applications and orders.

Account Promotion: Combin Growth
The Combin Growth app will help you target your target audience on Instagram, increase the number of followers, likes and comments, and manage your own activity on Instagram.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Account promotion - Combin Growth

The service is packed with many functions for identifying and finding potential subscribers

s on Instagram. The search for posts and Instagram accounts of relevant users is carried out through relevant keywords, locations, as well as among an active audience of competitors. The search can take into account gender, language, number of subscriptions and subscribers, and other parameters. Combin Growth detects spam accounts, profiles of celebrities and simply potentially uninterested users using machine learning and weeds them out.

The application allows you to set up masslooking, mass following, leaving likes and comments to stay active on Instagram and attract the attention of new accounts. Automating repetitive actions will save time and effort on other tasks to promote your brand. Combin Growth allows you to connect up to 15 Instagram accounts at the same time and offers the possibility of permanent use of the free version.

Statistics and analytics: Picalytics
Picalytics will help you understand how effectively you are promoting your Instagram profile and assess the behavior of your target audience. After receiving detailed data about your account and analyzing them, you can make timely adjustments to the content plan and promotion methods, which means you can improve your performance.

Top 10 Instagram Promotion Tools in 2020. Statistics and analytics - Picalytics

The service offers powerful analytical tools that allow you to get over 36 metrics of any Instagram account, both yours and a competitor. The platform allows for in-depth analysis of competitors' accounts, collecting relevant information about the engagement of the target audience and the posting strategy on Instagram.